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A Day in the Queer Life of Asian Pacific America (ADQLAPA) is a new digital exhibition by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center (APAC) documenting queer life in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities throughout the country.

An extension of APAC’s 2014 digital exhibition A Day in the Life of Asian Pacific America, ADQLAPA borrows the former exhibition’s attention to the everyday, its notion of examining life all across Asian Pacific America, including lesser-known geographic pockets and lesser-known dimensions of experience. ADQLAPA features both solicited and crowd-sourced media—video shorts, photography, boomerangs, video poems, and a longform essay—divided into several channels, to offer multiple entry points and a nuanced engagement with queer Asian American and Pacific Islander life. We'll be launching new content of different channels of the exhibition over the course of 2019. Stay tuned for regular updates.



ADQLAPA is brought you by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center and AARP, with help from partnering organization Kundiman.

Advisors for the project include:

Alice Y. Hom • Wo ChanLehua Taitano • Mia NakanoFranny Choi • Jai Dulani

ADQLAPA uses the designation "queer" to understand sexual and gender identity as often fluid and complex, while recognizing the term's histories of derogatory usage and lasting pain for some LGBTQIA folx. (For resources on LGBTQIA terminology, see these helpful glossaries at PFLAG, GLAADTrans Student Educational Resources and this style guide at Conscious Style Guide. For a listing of Asian American and Pacific Islander-serving LGBTQIA orgs, see NQAPIA.)