During the last forty years, we've seen huge strides in visibility within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities, but how many of those stories lift up the Asian Pacific American experience? In this series of short films, four APA elders share their experiences and thoughts about celebrating the past, what shifts brought us to today, and what the future holds.

Presented by
in partnership with the Visibility Project and Resilience Archives
curated by Mia Nakano
Myleen Hollero, Director of Photography

Coming soon: video interview shorts with elders in Los Angeles, the South, and the Midwest

ADQLAPA uses the designation "queer" to understand sexual and gender identity as often fluid and complex, while recognizing the term's histories of derogatory usage and lasting pain for some LGBTQIA folx. (For resources on LGBTQIA terminology, see these helpful glossaries at PFLAG, GLAADTrans Student Educational Resources and this style guide at Conscious Style Guide. For a listing of Asian American and Pacific Islander-serving LGBTQIA orgs, see NQAPIA.)