Thought Intersections

Some of the most groundbreaking recent scholarship in Asian American studies and Latino studies has begun tracing histories of Asian-Latino intersection across the Americas. Increasing numbers of artists, filmmakers, and writers are exploring these same intersections imaginatively. So what are the future directions of this emerging "field"? By convening leading scholars, writers, artists, and organizers from across the country and within the Smithsonian, we cultivate the projects of tomorrow—and think together about how they might best serve our communities. The Convening's two days of directed conversations-focusing on such areas as immigration, transnationalism, labor, urban space, the arts and cultural production, hybrid identity and mixed race-will culminate in a report assessing the state of the field, its future prospects, and the Smithsonian's role in the field. The Convening will also conclude in recommendations as to future directions of SALP and a possible traveling Asian-Latino exhibition.

Note: This event is closed to the public.